Tin-Tin Ho’s Journey to the...

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Tin-Tin Ho’s Journey to the Commonwealth Games

tin-tin ho playing table tennis

If ever a case for nominative determinism could be made, then Tin-Tin Ho would make an excellent subject to study. With a father who played table tennis for Hong Kong – and so obsessed with the sport that he named Tin-Tin’s older brother Ping (and was planning to name Tin-Tin Pong, but was blocked by their mother). Instead, his daughter became Tin-Tin – named after table tennis’ initials: TT.

With a father obsessed with the game, a brother already being indoctrinated Tin-Tin had two choices – rebel and reject the sport completely, or embrace it. Luckily for us, she chose the latter and she picked up the paddle for the first time as a five year-old. With her father as her coach, it was quickly discovered that she had an innate talent for the sport.

This has then been nurtured by her time as an Everyone Active Sporting Champion – of which she has been a member since the scheme was in its infancy. This has allowed her to train for free at her local Everyone Active centre, freeing up funds for other things, such as travelling to and from competitions.

Tin-Tin’s Success so Far

This is illustrated by her impressive medal haul during her career so far. She’s twice won the silver medal in the mixed doubles event at the Commonwealth Games and also holds a Bronze Medal in the Commonwealth Games in the team event.

Tin-Tin is hoping to continue her success at this year’s Commonwealth Games and hopes to improve her singles game – an area where she feels she’s not quite as strong as in the doubles. This is despite being the first British woman to take part in the Olympics in Tokyo in the singles table tennis event since the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Preparation for the Games

In terms of preparation for the Commonwealth Games, she’s treating it just like any other competition. That means five or six days’ training a week – both in the gym and on the table – but she’s having to fit it in around her university studies as well, which can be something of a juggling act – especially the social element!

When it comes to her diet, Tin-Tin keeps it fairly simple. She maintains a healthy, balanced diet, with the occasional treat.

Tin-Tin says that while she’s happy with the success she’s had in the past, it’s her dream to win a Gold Medal – could this year’s Commonwealth Games be the year? We certainly think so and we’ll be cheering her on from the side lines. We hope you will be too.

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